My Background


As a young man growing up in a rural area of Maryland I did not have easy access to the movies.  I got almost all of my entertainment from books. Specifically comic books.  I read them veraciously and learned how to tell stories with pictures.  I tried my hand at illustration but quickly realized I did not possess that talent so I turned my focus to photography.  When I graduated from high school I enrolled into Howard University in Washington, D.C. and majored in Mass Media Communications with an emphasis on Motion Picture Production. After five years of studying and making numerous student films I earned my BA degree.

I began my professional career in 1992 as a telecine assistant at Henninger Media Services located in the historic Georgetown section of Washington, D.C.  There at Henninger we exclusively performed the mastering for the ad campaign of Bill Clinton’s first Presidential election.  The company also edited and color enhanced numerous documentaries for the award winning National Geographic “Explorer” television series.  Additionally, I worked closely with sensitive government materials gaining security clearances from the U.S. Government.

After several years of working in Georgetown, I relocated to Los Angeles in 1999. Since then I have served as the Director of Photography on a number of independent films and music videos.  I then obtained a Colorist position at The Post Group and have colored the dailies on popular television shows, which include Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I.), House, Numbers, Law & Order, Dark Blue, Nikita and The Cape. I have also performed the dailies on the feature films Grindhouse, The informers, Hellride and Mean Girls 2 among others.

I am also a member of the Digital Cinema Society and have accreditation from the International Colorist Academy.  

I currently freelance as a Colorist and own and operate a Da Vinci Resolve color system.  I often work in my home theater color suite which is located in the Santa Clarita Valley.

I still enjoy photography and comic books.